Made from quality pine wood or old wood for a rustic look, the custom wood signs are available in a variety of colors, sizes and tons of fonts. is proud to offer hand painted lettering. No vinyl is used. This ensures that customers will have long lasting wood signs.

The retailer offers custom wood signs with no limit of choices. From the smallest sign to the biggest sign, the lighter sign to the darker sign, one color sign or multicolor signs, from a regular font to the silliest font, offers tons of possibilities. works with you to create the sign you want and not the sign we want to sell.

“Passionate for arts and crafts and being a really social person, I am so excited every time I have a new sign to do for my customer. This is always a new challenge and my goal is 100% satisfaction,” said Christelle, co-owner of CreateYourwoodSign (

“CreateYourWoodSign works with you by sending you rough drafts of your sign until it meets your expectations. I was so demanding and was always asking for changes for my sign, but they were so patient and creative that I finally had the family sign I wished for my home,” said Missy, their first customer.