This is the 2nd sign I have bought from you guys..the first was the Porter Road Pub sign that I gave my husband after he designed and had a pub built in our basement complete with restaurant booths and bar…

He is soon looking forward to retirement and doing the same thing in our home in Maine which will be where we retire..
I am giving this for our 40th anniversary on Saturday to show the best is still to come at the Swanlake Ave. Saloon
Thought you might enjoy knowing the back stories for some of your signs…
Thank again for working so hard on this for me…I should have thought of it earlier but it was an email that you sent me that gave me the great idea!!  so good marketing guys!
and thanks for the tracking info!


Thank you so much Joanne for sharing!
Do not hesitate to share pictures and/or stories of your signs! We would love to publish them on our Blog