Photos of Wooden Signs Back in 2009, we lived in a small town in Massachusetts and going to artisan fairs was our favorite hobby. We always wanted a wooden city sign, handmade of course.

My wife has always been really creative. She decided to do it herself. Then, our first city sign was born.

5 years later, creativity combined with my business knowledge and computer skills; we now run an online business with 2 successful websites ( and and more than 1,000 products on Amazom. We proudly have more 7,000 customers.

The huge amount of positive feedback from our customers is the real engine of our motivation!

Online doesn’t mean distant and anonymous. Thanks to our custom signs, we managed to have a special relationship with our clients. We transform a piece of wood into a beautiful and meaningful present. It begins with a simple request from a customer. After multiple drafts, emails and pictures we are able to personalize our signs

Our customers allow us to enter their life and share stories which add life to our sign. Designing the sign is just the first step. When we make the sign we know what it represents for the recipient, we make it with love and passion. Whatever the occasion (wedding, funeral, birthday, birth etc…) our sign has a story, a meaning.

Our signs are fully handmade and painted; our customers do appreciate that their sign is unique! The craftsmanship behind the sign is a really added value.

We could improve our productivity by using modern manufacturing techniques like printing on wood or just adding sticky vinyl. (Especially for some signs like I Love You To The Moon And Back, which we did manufactured more than 300 times!!). But we decided NOT to do so; we want to keep the 100% artisan craftsmanship – This is the core value of our business.

This brings the question of how to preserve the craftsmanship of the past and meet the requirements of a modern life for fast production and fast delivery.

Emmanuel – Wooden Signs Company, LLC